How to Solve Adsense Policy Violation Error

Hello friends, welcome back to my website As you know nowadays we are getting many problem on adsense approval. At this situation we are searching on youtube for solutions, but we are not getting any proper solution because of our website category is different from others.

Adsense Under Construction Error

Friends, today I am going to tell you that how to solve adsense under construction error. Moreover I am teach you about perfect website design to concur victory of adsense approval.

First of all you have to fully customize your site for adsense approval by watching our tutorial on YouTube. Moreover you have to follow some requirements that's given below.

Adsense Approval Requirment

1. Custom Domain
2. 15+ Unique Post Above 300 words
3. Per Post 1 unique image
4. 4 required pages
5. Customized Theme
6. Robot.txt
7. Robot Header Tag
8. Site Open Without www
9. Your Sitemap Submitted On Webmaster Tool

If you completed this requirements you will definitely get adsense approval. Now we are talk about some adsense approval errors any their possible solution.

How to Solve Adsense Policy Violation Error

How to Solve Adsense Policy Violation Error

Sometimes we are getting under construction error even we are done all the necessary settings in website. So you have to remember this points to ignore errors like that.

Must Check this Before Applying

1. Empty Links In Menu Bar
2. Check Robot.txt file
3. Opening site without www.
4. Domain age (minimum 20 days)

Such a thing like that I am tell you in first point you have to check your menu bar links that works properly or response on every device.

Second or most important point is that robot.txt file. We are create this file from settings but if we make any mistake on it we don't get adsense approval. So use example of Perfect Robot.txt file for blogger and wordpress is given below.

Use Below Robot.txt File


User-agent: *
Disallow: / search
Allow: /


User-agent: *
Disallow: / wp-admin /
Allow: /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php

In above sitemap you have to remove my website link and add your website sitemap. After doing this your website in under construction error will be solved.

Adsense No Content Error

If we talk about some other adsense error like we get error for just not creating our sitemap  properly or elsewhere do some mistakes while set up godaddy dns settings. Now I am talk about How to solve adsense no content error.

First off all you have to submit your sitemap in webmaster tool to solve adsense no content error. Thereafter you have to open your godaddy account and select DNS settings. Now check your DNS one by one and find the DNS parked and delete it. After doing this simple trick your no content error will be solved.

Use This Language for Fast Approval

Last point is that article writing language. If you write post in hindi language than write all the post in hindi language only. If you write post in english language than write all the post in english language only. If you write in hinglish language than write whole post in hinglish language only. Means that Stop writing mix language content elsewhere you will never get adsense approval.

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