How To Show Admob Ads On Blogger

Hello and welcome to my website Today in this post we are talk about how to show admob ads on blogger. Also I am provide you a blogger script for admob ads placement. So let's get started.

Bypass Adsense Approval Process

Nowadays adsense are so much strict to give approval on website because of lots of web developers create their website and apply for adsense also childrens are using web design nowadays. So google take action against it and make adsense approval process too much hard.

Because of it genuine blogger doesn't get adsense approval who are wants to earn from adsense. So here I give you solution for it and gives you best earning ways. Moreover we are discuss about risk in this methods.

How To Show Admob Ads On Blogger

How To Show Admob Ads On Blogger

Friends, if you want to earn money online and want to show admob ads on blogger kindly read this post carefully.

Create Admob Account First

First of all you have to create your admob account. After that you have to wait atleast 24 hours for getting approval on admob. Admob gives you approval without any requirement. So don't wait and go now for sign up in admob account.

After getting approved on admob you have to create website on blogger. If you already did it move for the next step. Create simple website on blogger or elsewhere on wordpress. This trick is works on both very well.

Create Blogger Website Script

After creating website you have to download HTML script for showing ads on website. So download it from link given below. Thereafter open this script only on notepad++ application or HTML editor only. Don't open anywhere else because if you open anywhere else script didn't run properly.

Download Script

Click Here

Now you have to create admob banner ad units. For this you have to choose banner ads on admob account for your first android app. After creating banner ad units note the ad unit code on notepad or anywhere else.

Put Ads code in HTML Section

Now you have to just put this code on HTML script downloaded from here. For best experience you have to edit on notepad++ only. Put the PUB ID and ad unit ID very well. That's it now your script is ready for implement.

Now you can copy this script and use it on your website. Moreover you can use it on wishing script website. For this you have to copy this script and paste it on blogger post html section only don't put it on compose view section.

Risk Of Disabling Account

Friends if you use this trick you have to carry risk of disabling your admob account with adsense account. So use this trick on your own risk only. Don't give us blame for it. You have 50% chance for account disabling.

Also note that this ads display only on mobile devices Don't give you impression on Desktop mode. Moreover if you create android app ad units that ads can't display on iPhone device.


Friends I know all of you want to earn good money on short time but all the tricks are edge on loose or get benefits. So try this if you have multiple adsense or don't want to work for long term. Moreover Remember that don't use this trick on your official website or personal admob account otherwise it's get disabled.

Here is I am shared trick that how to show admob ads on blogger. So if you really like this post don't forget to subscribe our newsletter and share this with your friends.

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