Hello Friends Welcome back to my website ishwarahir.com.com once again. Friends, as you all know, right now there are many problems in taking Google Adsense approval. In such a situation, we watch videos on YouTube and then search for their solution. But sometimes we do not get the solution. Because the difficulty is the same, but due to different categories of our website, the solution is not found.

Friends, today I will tell you how we can solve Adsense Under Construction Error. Also today you will get to know about Perfect Robot.txt.

For Adsense Approval, first you have to customize your website well. The minimum requirements for Adsense are written in point here.

Adsense Approval Requirment

1. Top level Domain (If You Not Buy work with blogspot.com)
2. Unique Content
3. 300 Words 15 Post (If 500 Word 11 to 12 post)
4. Per Post 1 Image Without Copyright
5. Webmaster Tool Submission
6. Sitemap
7. Robot.txt File
8. 4 Pages
9. Menu Bar
10. Social Media (minimum 4 Links)

If you people have made this requirement, then you will get 100% Approval of Adsense. Now let's talk about Adsense Under Construction.

How to Solve Adsense Policy Violation Error
How to Solve Adsense Policy Violation Error

How to Solve Adsense Policy Violation Error

Many times what happens when we do all the editing on our website, yet we get the error of Under Construction. So for that you have to keep this point in mind.

1. Menu Bar Empty Links
2. Robot.txt File
3. Post Writing Language

Like in the first point, I told you that you have to open all your links in the menu bar once and check whether everything is working properly.

The second and most important point is the Robot.txt file. We make this in the setting, but when we make a slight mistake in it, it is not approved. The perfect Robot.txt file for Blogger should be given below.


User-agent: *
Disallow: / search
Allow: /
Sitemap: https://www.ishwarahir.com/sitemap.xml


User-agent: *
Disallow: / wp-admin /
Allow: /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php
Sitemap: https://www.ishwarahir.com/sitemap.xml

If you have to remove this link in the sitemap and insert a link to your site, then your Under Construction Error will be solved.

Now we talk about the second AdSense error which comes due to us not making a sitemap or having a mistake in Godaddy's dns. I am going to tell you how to solve this error.

To solve the no content error, first you have to submit your sitemap in webmaster tool. After that you have to go to your godaddy's account and see if the perked dns in it is there or not. After that if the dns with perked is, then you have to delete it. Your error with no content from it will be solved.

Last Point Your Writing Language. If you are writing a post in Hindi, then write everything in Hindi. If you are writing in English, then keep English language in all the posts. If you are writing in Hinglish, then keep the post in full Hinglish from beginning to end. Stop writing mix container or else you will never get Approval of Adsense.

Friends, if you like this post, then definitely share it with your friends and if you cannot find a solution to your problem then contact me on YouTube channel.


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