How to Add Responsive Sticky Footer Ads on WordPress

Earning from AdSense is a major part of Blogging. CPC & CTR are moreover, two more important things to boost our daily revenue. That's why Sticky Footer Ads help to Increase our CPC & CTR.

How Sticky Ads works?

Now just follow this simple steps to add Responsive Sticky Footer Ads on WordPress & Blogger. Also, I am using these codes from long time on my websites and I am getting good outcome thereafter placing Responsive Sticky Footer Ads.

Add Sticky Footer Ads

What is a Sticky Ad?

As the name meaning Sticky ads are advertisement that stick to a certain position on the website despite users scrolling through the webpage. For this the sticky Ads get too much exposure and draw the attention of the visitors.

You can also get the most Ad impression in this sticky ad. There is already a sticky ad functionality in the auto ads settings of Adsense called “anchor Ads“.

Limitation of Sticky Ads

But we can not customize this ad unit and display the ads according to our own choice. That’s why by this post I will tell you the easiest way to add the sticky footer ads in WordPress or blogger.

Some people also called it bottom sticky ads or floating ads.

Users can easily dismiss the ad shown by clicking the cross button above the ad. In such a way, you will get earnings increase without hampering the user experience too much.

Remember this Advice for Footer Ads

Here, One thing to remember is that don’t use any clickable object above these ads and it must be separate from the all other content. You can also check the Adsense Guidelines on sticky ads.

How to Add Responsive Sticky Footer Ads on WordPress

You have to just use some simple codes with your Ads unit to place Sticky Footer Ads on WordPress or blogger. There are two major steps you have to take while use Sticky Ads.

Step-1: Login to your Adsense dashboard and create a responsive Display ad unit.

Step-2: Now copy publisher id and data ad slot code and replace it in the below code.

Step 3: Now Go to Appearance > theme editor > Footer.php file and search for tag.

Step-4: Paste the code just above it and update the file.

Now the sticky footer Ads will be shown on your WordPress website. You can try opening the webpage in incognito mode if it is working or not.

Using Plugin

If you don’t want to edit the theme code then you can use a code management plugin that lets you add codes in the header and footer section.

For this, I prefer to use the “Insert Headers and Footers” plugin by “WPBeginner”. It is a free code management plugin in WordPress.

You can also add display rules to this code, like show only in computer or mobile, load only in homepage or single post, page, etc.


Follow these steps carefully to show Responsive Sticky Footer Ads on Blogger, I think these methods works for you.

If you have face any problem while adding script then comment below, also you can ask your doubts. If you enjoy the post then share it with your friends.

Also, tell me whether the sticky ad improves your click-through rate(CTR) or not affect.

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