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Hello friends, today in this post I am talk about the Godaddy domain Forwarding Script for Blogger.

What is Domain Forwarding?

We all know that the forwarding features comes with a domain in the domain provider site. By using this we can easily forward our domain with it.

Domain Forwarding when Redirect Traffic

If you are a blogger and uses Adsense on your site and after sometime by some reason, your AdSense gets disabled and you don’t get approval for a new AdSense.

Forwarding Save your Traffic

Because of above condition you have to buy a new domain and start work from zero. But you don’t have traffic on a new domain. That's why you want to redirect your old domain traffic to the new domain. For this In this post, I am going to tell you 2 tricks about Domain Forwarding.

The first is officially comes with a domain and the second trick is with the HTML script that I provide you.

Domain Forwarding Script

Godaddy Domain Forwarding Script

Friends, if you want to forward your old domain to another new domain you have to read this post carefully because if you miss any step your domain gets an error. So please read this post carefully.

With Forwarding Option

If you want to forward your domain with process provided by your domain provider then you can use this options.

You have go to your domain provider’s website and find the option forwarding. Now just you have to put the new domain in this section after sometimes your site redirects to a new domain.

Remember HTTP Errors

But sometimes you can get many errors in this option. Sometimes get an HTTP error, site down error, forward stop error, etc.

Because of it, your traffic decreased on a new domain. That's why I only talk about this process for your knowledge specially I don’t recommend you to use this trick.

With HTML Script

Here is a solution for all errors. If you use above trick, your DNS gets changed and if you want to get back to old domain you have to set your DNS after the removal of forwarding.

So you can use this simple trick for domain forwarding.

  • First of all, you have to download the HTML script from the link given below. After that open it on a notepad or any HTML editor.
  • Just add your new site URL in a script and copy the whole script. That’s it.
  • Now you have to go to your site’s HTML section in blogger or the theme editor section in WordPress.
  • Just paste this script on the head section only and see your domain will be redirect. If want to remove forwarding then you have to remove this script that’s it.


I hope you get your domain forwarding script and don’t forget to read the above steps carefully for better installation.

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