WordPress Hosting Starting From Rs.20 Only

WordPress Hosting. Hello friends and welcome back to my website ishwarahir.com. Friends, there are many of us who are running their sites on Blogger. And there are many people who are using their site on WordPress. As you know Blogger is a platform in which we can make our site live with Limitations. If we have to eliminate this limit, then we have to use WordPress.

If we use WordPress, then we have to pay for it. Because we have to buy any hosting to use WordPress. Where we used WordPress by hosting our site. You may know that WordPress is the most used platform where we can run our site without any limitation and we also have many advantages in the site due to WordPress.

Friends, now it comes in WordPress, if we have to make the website live, then what hosting should we use. Which hosting company provides us the best hosting at a low price. And if we want to test a site for hosting, which hosting would be best? All these questions occur before we go to WordPress.

Friends, if you are new to WordPress in this post, then you guys, which hosting should you like so that you can run your website at a very low price. To know this and to go to the features of this hosting, read this post completely.

Cheap WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting

Friends, today we are going to talk about the cheapest hosting of WordPress. This hosting site is currently new I have used it. And today I am going to share my experience of this website with you today.

Friends first of all know about this website. Friends, this is called freehostguy.com. Here its link is given below, you can go to that website directly from there.

Talking about the plan of this website, you get a plan ranging from Rs.20 to Rs.1200. In which you get hosting for 1 month for Rs.20 in which you can run your two websites. And the other plan which is Rs.1200, you can run an unlimited website in it. In it you will get unlimited storage and everything else too. And you will also get an SSL Certificate in all its plans for free.

Friends, to get 10% discount on this website, you have to enter this coupon code. If you enter coupon code, you will get 10% discount from your plan.


If you talk about the speed of this website, you will get great speed. And in this you will also get a support team. If you are new then you can buy its Rs.20 plan and check how their hosting is.

Many more features are also available on this hosting site. As soon as you have purchased this hosting, you will get all these features as well. There are many tools available for the security of your site.

If you people have liked this post, then definitely share it on your social media. And at the same time, if you people have purchased this hosting, then please tell your experience by commenting below. If you have any problem then you can visit our YouTube channel.

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