What Is Blogging ? How To Make Personal Blog ?

What Is Blogging ? If you are reading this post, then it means that you have interest in professional blogging. In today’s article, we will know what blogging is. Whenever we do something professionally, it means that we want to earn good by using our best skills.

Everyday millions, millions of people search in Google or different search engines to solve their problems. This does not mean that the search engine keeps solutions to the problems of the people. Its work is just this, it collects information from different blogs and websites and shows you their links.

We can say that, people blogging to share their information. This helps both the readers and the bloggers (writers) because both help each other.

What is a blog – What is Blog in Hindi

A blog or (web log) is actually a website that is constantly updated, while new content is often published in it through Blogger. The blog is written in an informal or conversational style.

At the same time, its aim is to attract more and more people and also to achieve some goal, whether it is a large community-building or growing a business, or also to provide the right information to the people. It is possible.

What Is Blogging ? How To Make Personal Blog ?

What is Blogging – What is Blogging in Hindi

A web log, which is called “blog” in shortened form, is actually a web page which contains the contents or blog posts. At the same time, the task of writing these blog posts is called blogging. If someone comes to blogging it means that he has all those skills that he can easily run and control a blog using.

At the same time, by using the right type of tools in your web page, you can get help in writing, blog posting, linking, as well as sharing the content of blog in internet. This will make you easier to do all these tasks.

All the essential definitions related to blogging. Now, let’s get information about some important definitions related to Blogging.

Blog definition

A blog is an online journal / diary that is available in the Internet by other users to read.

Blogger Definition

Blogger is actually the person who owns that blog. This is the same person who keeps the blog alive, from time to time by writing new blog posts, new information, case studies, your opinion (vote) etc.

Definition of blog post

Blog post is called that article or a piece of content that is written by the blogger in his blog. For example, this article that you are reading now, this is a “blog post” written by me in this blog.

Definition of blogging

Blog means all the tasks that a Blogger does in his blog regularly, such as posting good informational blog, improving his design, seo, linking, sharing etc.

Combining all these functions, it is called Blogging. In order to blog, you should have all the necessary features. If not, then you can definitely learn them from others.

Types of blogging

You must have come up with a little idea about blogging. If blog means sharing knowledge, then what is this professional blog? Like I told you earlier, if we do something professionally, then it means that we ask to do some income from it. In this way, we can divide blogging into two categories.

1. Personal or Hobby Blo
2. Professional Blog

Personal Blogging: Personal or Hobby bloggers are those who have some story or experience to share. It can be about yourself, or about someone else. They do not have to earn money from blog.

They just do blogging on the basis of a hobby. At the same time, they do not have specific strategy or plan. They share without any motive. They just do blog at the time pass.

Professional Blog: While Professional Bloggers are those who earn so much money by blogging, they can run their home. This is a kind of business for them. Now you must be wondering how these professional bloggers earn.

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