Required Pages for Adsense Approval

Welcome back to our website Today we are talking about required pages for adsense approval. So if you want to approve your website on adsense. Must follow this tutorials given on YouTube.

First of all you have to create blog on blogger. After that connect custom domain on it. Third and most important things is must do blogger required settings for adsense approval. If you want to see that tutorial kindly visit our YouTube channel.

Required Pages for Adsense Approval

Required Pages for Adsense Approval

If you run your website you have to follow the adsense Policy and the policy is your site must have 3 pages that discribe your full site. Here are the pages.

1. About Us

2. Privacy Policy

3. Contact Us

In this pages you are write your unique content, First page is about us and you are write about your site in this page. Second pages is privacy policy of your website. Last page is how visitors contact you shortly.

Make sure your privacy policy page or term’s and conditions page are unique from other site or related to your website content. Otherwise you will get privacy policy error in adsense.

Download Pages

1.About usClick Here
2.Privacy PolicyClick Here
3.DisclaimerClick Here
4.Terms and ConditionsClick Here

You can simply download this pages from above links. Also you can use it on your new blog but remember one thing before copy this page. You have to edit this pages behalf on your website. I mean your pages are related to your content or category. That’s it.

Friends if you want adsense approval on blogger must follow my YouTube playlist. Also subscribe our YouTube channel for more updates. If you have any questions regarding this post comment below.

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