How To Use TV Remote Sensor

How To Use TV Remote Sensor. Hello friends like you know that nowadays every phone comes with a remote sensor. We people do not know how to use it properly.

Today I will tell you how to use the remote sensor of my smartphone in this post. Along with that, I will also give the information of the application you need for that.

First of all, you people should know that the remote sensor that comes in the smartphone works in every single sensor item and we do not use it.

The application that the company provides to you for remote use in smart phones does not have all the devices. So what you have to do for him, I will tell you today.

How To Use TV Remote Sensor

How To Use TV Remote Sensor

First of all, you have to download the application named Galaxy Universal Remote from the link given below. You will not find this application on the Play Store.

Friends, to download this application, first you have to open the link given below in your phone. As soon as you click on the link, Google Drive will open in front of you. You can download it from there.

You will not find this application on the play store, so do not search it there. Rather download it and use it.

Friends, as soon as this application gets installed. You have to install it. To install friends, you have to go to your settings. There you will get an option of Unknown Sources, you have to enable it. If this option is already enabled, then you should leave it as is.

After this, as soon as you click on install, your application will be installed. Now you open it, then you will get a lot of different options in it. Such as Tv, projecter, setupbox, audio device etc.

In which you want to use it in anything, select it. You will get the names of all your devices in it, you select the name of your device. In this, you also get scan mode in which you can also connect a device without a name.

After selecting the device, if you want to check it now, then follow the instruction given in the application for it.

Now you can use it in any item that remote supports through this application. All you have to do is open your application and then place the scan in front of the item. With which your remote will connect automatically.

Features of this application

  1. It works offline.
  2. You can save your remote.
  3. Can connect TV without name.
  4. Supports everything.
  5. You also get all the buttons.

If you want, you can use it anytime, anywhere. You can use this application in any sensor object, unless the name of the object is in this application or not. Because the beans of many objects are remote, they connect to them.

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