How to Add Download Timer in Blogger

Hello friends once again welcome to my website Today we are talk about Adsense most annoying problem Ad Limit. Friends, as We know that showing ADS is very important for earning in Adsense. We cannot earn without Advertisements.

Adsense Ads Limit Solution is Download Timer

In such a situation, if the problem with ads limit comes on our AdSense account. So we do not earn at all. So we get frustrated and stop working on our blog or website, or we are not able to work with our heart as much as earlier.

Download Timer in Blogger

How To Add Download Timer In Blogger

If you talk about why there is a problem with ADS limit in Adsense, then there can be many reasons behind this problem. But two of the reasons that show us AdSense. The first is that comes Invalid Traffic and the second that comes is Account Being Accessed.

Reason For Invalid Traffic

Which is the first reason, Invalid Traffic can have many reasons like that if direct people are coming to our site or we are bringing traffic together from somewhere on our site and all that traffic is there, just look at our site. Due to this tax, our Bounce Rate is increased and Invalid Traffic is counted. So what to do for this, I am going to tell you in this post.

Blogger Download Timer

To reduce Invalid Traffic on our site, we have to add interesting content to our side. This is the best of the way, but many times what happens if our container is downloading, then visitors come to our site and click on the download link and cut our site so that our traffic is there. Is counted in Invalid.

Invalid Traffic Solution

To solve this problem, we need to add a timer to the download link in our site because if we add the timer, then the visitor who is there will stay on our site for so long. Which will increase the visitor's rate on our side. This will not count our Invalid Traffic.

Download HTML Code First

First of all, you have to download the HTML coding given here. After that you have to go to your post. There you have to go in HTML. After that you have to click on the place where your download link is to be placed and then paste the HTML there. After that you have to do some editing in that file, you will find it in the link of the video below, then you can do all the settings by watching that video.

Download HTML

Friends, by using this trick, you have to enagage the visitor more time on your site. A week after doing this, the notification with ADS limit will be removed from your site. If your traffic is very less, then it may take two or three week on your site to solve out this problem.

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