If you too are a YouTuber or want to become a YouTuber. Then this post is for you. To make a good video in YouTube, you need firstly the subject matter and second, how you present your content.

I am going to talk to you today in this post, how you can clear the voice over in YouTube with your Android smartphone without any snooping. Read this post in its entirety to know this.

How to Record Clear Voice in Android
How to Record Clear Voice in Android

How to Record Clear Voice in Android

Voice recording is very difficult when recording videos on Android smartphones. Because if the fan is turned on, then its voice is recorded with our voice.

You must download an application from the Play Store to clear the voice in Android phone. Which is called 'Clear Record Light' which you will get for free.

After downloading this application, you should go to its settings and first high its output and also turn on noise reduction, so that you will get the best output. Also you can MP3 your output settings in it.

Now you can record voice to your YouTube video from your phone. Just like we record voice in the mic. That too by using only one application. Do not forget to visit our website for tips and tricks related to YouTube and blogging.

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