Blogging has become a common practice nowadays, everyone builds their own site by building blocks, but when it comes to containers, only copy paste.

Everyone has the same objective in blogging, no matter what it is, but the highest paid network for earning in blogging is AdSense.

Today I will tell you how you can easily take approval of Adsense on your blogger or wordpress.

How to Get Adsense Approval Instantly
How to Get Adsense Approval Instantly

How To Get Adsense Approval Instantly

For Adsense approval, first of all, you need a top level domain, if not, it is best to work on You do not have to use another free domain.

Secondly you have to use the same theme that I told you in the next post on Blogger and if you want to use someone else, then you can be the CEO and use the mobile friendly theme.

Now you have to make three pages in it which is very important.

1. About Us
2. Disclaimer
3. Privacy Policy
4. Contact Us

You should easily write about yourself in the About Us page which should be completely unique. You can tell about yourself in this page, why you have created this website, how did you get the idea of ​​the website? What kind of post are you going to put on your website. And if you want, you can tell people about yourself, which is your village, what is your age? what you do? You can share all this detail with your visitors.

After that you have to download the Disclaimer page from here. Or you have to create a disclaimer from the disclaimer generator website. In the disclaimer page, you have to tell about where your website started and how you put content in your website. Also, if you want to give credit to someone if you want to give copyright to your container and if you have copied the content.

You can also download the privacy policy from here or you can also create it from the generator. Friends, most of all you have to take care in making this page. Because when we apply for Adsense, we get a lot of privacy policy. Many times this comes due to our this page privacy policy. So when you create this page, you have to keep in mind that your privacy policy page is related to your website. Your privacy policy page should be according to the new policy that Google has just arrived. In which you have to take cookies and user data, then also have to add a policy. Along with that, you also have to add a children's policy to it.

For the Contact Us page you will have to watch a video which you will find on my YouTube channel. I will also provide his link here, you can also see from there. And if you want this page to look absolutely premium to you, then you can also create this page by yourself. Because your contact us page is the only way through which your visitors can contact you. So you have to make this page Adsense friendly as well as quick reply.

It is very important to create a menu bar also, for the menu bar you have to use your label or category. It is very important to categorize all your posts.

Now if you have 300 words on your website, then you have to write 20 posts and if you have more than 500 words, then you have to write at least 15 posts. All posts must be completely unique.

You do not have to use any copyright images on your site. Use all free images and it would be better if you keep only one image in a post. You do not have to use too many links on your side.

The most important thing is to submit your site to webmaster tools. Put a sitemap of your side in it and fetch all the urals.

The minimum requirement is what I told you about AdSense approval in the website. The rest you can add more than your own way.

After following all these requirements, if you want to apply for AdSense then you will get AdSense approval in 48 hours.

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