Friends as you know nowadays is the trend of earning money by uploading YouTube videos. He is walking too much. How to make all such people on YouTube channel in a set way is not known. Their channel is not monetized. Today I will teach you how to make a step by step YouTube channel.

Nowadays everyone has started making their own YouTube channel. Everybody makes their own channel, but they do not know how to customize it. He starts uploading videos through the YouTube application from his phone. In which they get the option of no tag and neither they get any thumbmnale option.

Still, he keeps putting video on video and thinks why the views are not coming? Where do they know what to do when creating a channel? Then he dips all his hard work on his own. There are many people who bring good views on their channel by doing videos without any other help.

Now today I will tell you how to make your own YouTube channel so that your views also get better. You too should get the fruits of your hard work. You too became very good in the future. You could also follow your passion.

Friends, you have to take care of a lot of things to make a YouTube channel. In which you have to take care from the name of the channel to the completely customize it. If you take care of these things and work hard in the right direction, then you too will definitely succeed.

How to Create Youtube Channel
How to Create Youtube Channel

How to Create Youtube Channel

First of all, you have to keep the name of your YouTube channel very beautiful. Later you have to create an icon and intro to the channel name which will make your channel even more attractive. You can create icons from Pix Art or any Android photo editing app.

After creating intro and channel icons, you have to completely customize your channel. So that whoever visits your channel will like the channel and subscribe. After this, you should also edit your channel about the action so that the visitor will find your channel professional. He will subscribe to your channel after watching your video.

Now it comes to which topic, which video should be used more than that, then first of all, decide which channel you want to make your channel. If you want to create a technical channel. So make a video on top of the trending technical topic. Similarly, make a video on the trending topic of the channel you want to create.

After making the video, now it is the turn to be uploaded, so before uploading the video, you have to write a description of at least one hundred and fifty words for that video and create a beautiful and attractive thumbnail that will get more views on your video.

Remember one thing is not to make the video too long nor to make it too short. If you keep the length of your video between 4 minutes to 8 minutes, then your video will become viral. Friends, if you liked this post of mine, then you can subscribe to this website by going down.

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