Everyone wants to earn money online, but it is very important to have the best way to earn money online or to have an idea and to do smart work.

Friends, which one of us does not want to earn at home. If we get a chance to earn money from our phone then we will definitely earn. Therefore, today I am going to tell you the best way to earn money from your phone, using which you can earn up to Rs.8000 a month.

This is the way to create Android application and put your advertisement in it and then earn money from it. But in this, I will also tell you how to put your admob's ads in Dusro's application. So that you start earning quickly.

You know how difficult Android app development is and for that we need a lot of knowledge. Android apps are designed by big companies. Or we can also make it by paying money from them.

How to Create Android App
How to Create Android App

How to Create Android App

But no, if I tell you that you can earn money from the Android app from your smartphone, then you will not believe it. But it is true, I will tell you about it today, read the post carefully.

You do not need to develop the app in Android smartphone, you just have to follow the steps that I will tell you.

If we talk about admob, then we get a chance to earn a lot of money in it. All you have to do is go to that site and create your account. In which you have to fill all your details properly, so that you do not have any problem while taking payment in future.

As soon as you sign up on admob, you get its approval after a while. After which you can create ad units in it and put it in your application. Your adsense account is also created as soon as you sign up in admob. In which you will see all the earnings of your admob.

Now it comes to how to take payment after earning in it. So for that you have to first make $10 in your account, then a pin will come on your address. You have to verify. After that, your earnings will be transferred to your main account by the 2nd of the following month.

When you have $100 in your main account, you can take payment. To take payment, you have to add your bank account to it. In which you have to put your full detail carefully. When your current month's earnings will be more than $100, then in the following month your earnings will come in your bank account.

So first you have to create your adMob account. Then you have to create an banner ad and an Interstitial ADS ad unit in it.

Now you have to download an app named APK Editor Pro from Play Store, which is absolutely free.

Now you have to open it and full edit any more ADS app and you have to type in it. Then after clicking on the search, you will get to see the code of its ADS.

After that you have to copy and paste your ad unit in turn here and then click on build apk, now your app is ready, now you will start showing your ads in it.

If you do not show any of your app's ad units, then you can change their ad unit by going to the Play Store and downloading other apps like YouTag Pro, New Music App.

Now you can share your application with friend or upload it to any other place but you cannot publish on app play store as you will face copyright problem.

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