Hello friends, as we know nowadays everyone uses Android phones. And he listens to music and also watches videos on YouTube. At the same time, he also watches the film in his phone. Nowadays, if it is smart, then our laptops, televisions and computers have also become smart. Nowadays all our work is done by WiFi only.

Friends, Conan would not like to see his small screen on a big platform. You too must have tried to mirror your screen many times. There will be many users who will know this trick, many will also mirror their screens. Nevertheless, we should know once whether it is right or not.

Every smartphone user thinks that he can see the screen of his smartphone in his computer, laptop and TV. So that he can watch his videos and movies on the big screen. So he tries all the ways. Today I will tell you an easy way by which you will be able to mirror your phone to your TV, laptop and computer without any application.

How to Cast Screen in Android
How to Cast Screen in Android

How to Cast Screen in Android

First of all you have to turn on screen mirroring in your phone and then turn on the wifi of your phone. Now you have to turn on the screen mirroring option in your TV, laptop and computer. If there is an application, then open the application and turn on screen mirroring.

Whatever video or full screen mirroring you have to do in your phone, you have to turn on your screen cast. And if you want to mirror videos, then you have to turn on the video and then click on screen mirroring.

Now your video or your screen will be visible on your laptop computer and TV via WiFi. One thing to remember first is that you connect your WiFi Direct, with this easy steps you can mirror your phone screen to your TV, laptop and computer.

Friends, using this method, you can do screen mirroring from your phone without any application. Now I will tell you how you can do screen mirroring from your phone through the application.

If you want to do screen mirroring through the application, first of all you have to go to your play store. You have to search the cast screen by going there. After that you have to install that application. As soon as that application is installed, you have to open it.

Now you have to give permission to the application. After giving permission, the audio application will first check whether your phone is supportable for screen mirroring. If your phone is supportable for screen mirroring then this application will give you the option of screen mirroring. Now you will see search happening in this application. If your computer or TV has WiFi direct on, then you will see it in this application.

You have to click on it. So the screen of your phone is connected to your TV or computer. Friends, you have to connect your mobile phone to computer or TV through this application.

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