Nowadays everyone uses Android phone. Everyone in the world has an Android smartphone, whether it is small or big, everyone from children to old people uses smart phones.

Its applications are very important for us to use smartphones. In such a situation, you download many applications from the play store and we download many applications and games from the website.

There are many ways to back up an application. In that, we can backup our apps by sharing xender with this shareit. In the same way, we have our own option in apps, we can also backup it.

In many apps, we can also backup it completely. Friends, but today I will tell you a very easy way, by which you can backup all your apps in your phone in a short time.

The point is how to keep a backup of all our applications. Because if our phone goes bad or falls, then all our applications go with it, but if we are backed up, then we get all the applications in the memory card.

How to backup so that we get all the applications whenever we want. So today I am going to tell you how to backup Android application and how to restore it.

How to Backup and Restore Android App
How to Backup and Restore Android App

How to Backup and Restore Android App

The name of this application is App Backup and Restore. You can use it to backup all your Android applications to your phone storage or memory card. That too in just seconds is not a fun application. If you want, you can also backup your application in your Google Drive.

Friends, to download this app, first of all you have to open the Play Store on your phone. Now you have to search in Android App backup & restore so you will find this application. Now you have to install it.

After installing friends, now you have to open it. You get a lot of features in it. In which you upgrade, automatic backup is done. In the free version you have to backup yourself.

To back up your app, you have to select your apps. Now after selecting, you will get the option of backup below, clicking on it, backup of apps will be saved on your selected location.

In this app, you can also backup the application in your Google Drive. You have to go to the setting and you will get its option.

Friends, if you want to change the store location in this app, then you have to go to the settings first, there you will get the option of location. You have to change it and if you ask for permission then you have to give it and make it ok.

You saw right, today I will tell you about a fun Android application which is the best application for App Backup & Restore.

This is a simple application in which you just have to open and select your application and then click on backup below. With which the backup of your selected application will be saved in your memory card or phone storage.

If you have any problem in using this application then you must definitely comment by commenting below.

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