Right now the highest paying platform is Android. To earn money in Android you have to make Android application. Then one has to publish on the Playstore. This is the goal of creating Android apps. He could earn a lot of money. And by earning money from your app, you can get your invested money back.

Friends, if we talk about now, you have to buy its plan to make an application in thuncable right now. For that I will ask you to use casagbic website.

This website is also like thuncable. In this, you can create applications in the same way. But you also get more new features in it. In addition, you can also make applications for free in this. You will also find its high quality aia file on YouTube.

This site is best for building applications right now. Here you get to see both adob ad units as before. You can go to the block and apply it in your application in the same way. And later I will tell you how to show ads in the application.

AdSense has started running a lot after the arrival of Geo. And that too because of the free net. Nowadays everyone has started earning money by creating Admob and Adsense account and putting their id in other's app. Due to this, Google is now following its rules very rigidly. Adam, I am having this problem for a lot of people right now. Those people are unable to show their ADS. In such a situation, their Aning is decreasing very much.

Admob Ads Not Showing Solution
Admob Ads Not Showing Solution

Admob Ads Not Showing Solution

If you are having this problem in your account as well. So if you follow the step then your ad will start showing. First of all, you have to check your app properly once. Is the placement of ADS correct or not. Then you have to follow the next step.

Second step if you have entered your code in another's app. So there will be no ad shows, so you will have to develop your own app. This trick will work only if your app is made from thumbnail or any blog editor side. On all these platforms, only apps are developed now but licenses are not given. This is why you do not have an ADS show. You have to get your app expert to get your ad shown. And then to install in your smartphone, now you have to download the application of APK Editor Pro Name from Google.

After downloading this app, you have to go to its settings. And in that you have to go to the sign apk with option. In it, you have to select the second number option's Create ad by APK editor. Now you have to edit your app, you have to change the name and put it back. So you will get the option to save in the side bar, then you have to save your app.

After saving the app you have to uninstall your old app. And now we have to install the new app. Now your ad will start showing. If you have any other problem in getting Admob's ad hundred, then tell me by commenting.

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